Steinlager has consistently been judged one of the best beers in the world.

This has been reinforced by the numerous victories in brewing competitions around the world.

Steinlager won the Les Amis Du Vin competition four years in a row from 1977 to 1980, after which the organisers politely asked if it could refrain from entering "to give the others a chance".

In 1985 at the Brewers' International Exhibition in London, Steinlager was judged the 'World's Best Lager'.

In 1998 Steinlager was awarded two Le Monde Selection gold medals in Belgium.

In 2005 Steinlager again won gold at the Le Monde awards.

More recently Steinlager won a gold medal and 'Best in Class' in the lager division at the 2006 Australian International Beer Awards.

Steinlager with its distinct taste will continue to take on the world of beer and win!