Steinlager Classic



Steinlager Classic’s international award-winning taste is envied by brewers the world over.

Steinlager Classic has a robust hop nose of fresh-cut green grass and a full flavour delivered by the green bullet hop, grown in Nelson at 41 degrees latitude, the perfect hop-growing location.

The body of Steinlager Classic delivers a full flavour that is perfectly balanced with a dry, tangy finish and crisp clean bitterness.


Date of launch:  1958
Style:  Lager
ABV:  5%
Standard Drinks (per 330mL):  1.3
Energy (kJ/100mL):  167
    Calories (/100mL):  40
Protein (g/100mL):  0.3
Total Fat (g/100mL):  <0.1
    Saturated Fat (g/100mL):  <0.1
Total carbs (g/100mL):  2.6
    Sugars (g/100mL):  0.2
Sodium (mg/100mL):  3


At the heart of Steinlager Classic is the idea of challenge.

Steinlager Classic was born from a challenge. In 1958, the infamous Black Budget cut beer imports and the challenge was put out to New Zealand brewers to produce a lager of international quality.

The response was Steinlager Classic – and half a century on it is firmly established as New Zealand’s top-selling premium beer.

Challenge has always been at the heart of Steinlager and it has certainly never shied away from confrontation.

It started by taking on the best beers in the world. In 1977 Steinlager won the Les Amis du Vin Award, the most prestigious beer award in the world. Steinlager followed it up by winning again in 1978 and to really prove it wasn’t a fluke, again in 1979 and 1980.

The establishment didn’t like the fact that this upstart from the bottom of the world had taken out a mortgage on its cup and promptly sent a letter asking that Steinlager not enter again.

By then Steinlager Classic had won the title of ‘The best beer in the world’ – so the point was made. Steinlager Classic stands alone as New Zealand’s most internationally acclaimed premium beer.


Having proven that Steinlager Classic was in fact the best beer in the world Steinlager set its sights on new goals – helping fellow New Zealanders prove that they are the best in the world.

First up was the incredible partnership with Sir Peter Blake. It started with Steinlager 1, the high-tech trimaran nick named ‘Big Red’ that was fast enough to tow a water skier and cleaned up the round-Australia race with a five-day margin.

But it was the Whitbread that was Blake’s biggest challenge; his previous two attempts, although courageous and impressive, had not bought the victory he so dearly wanted.

Steinlager 2 was the perfect campaign, where his years of experience came together for the perfect race – an unprecedented perfect record of line and handicap doubles for all six legs of the race.

With that challenge answered, Blake set his sights on something else – the America’s Cup. Both Steinlager and Sir Peter Blake liked a challenge, and this was a big one.

In San Diego, 1995, New Zealand made history by winning five races to zero and became only the second country in 144 years to take the America’s Cup from American shores.

The next challenge was to defend the Auld Mug, and no country outside the US had ever managed that before. But we did, five-zip.

Meanwhile, Steinlager and the All Blacks were fronting up to challenges in the biggest rugby stadiums around the world, including the brand’s spiritual home – Eden Park, where the Steinlager name sat proudly on the black jersey of David Kirk as he raised the Rugby World Cup above his head.

Coming from the bottom of the world doesn’t mean you can’t be the top team. And the A.B’s have been consistently that.

1996 saw them achieve the first ever series win in South Africa. If that wasn’t enough the boys in black brought home the Tri Nations title including a record 43-6 victory over the Wallabies.

In 2005 they won the Tri Nations yet again, but not content with conquering the Southern Hemisphere they completed a grand slam year with a three – nil drubbing against the Lions.

In 2011 they won the almighty William Webb after a 25 year gap! A nail biting final against the French result in the All Blacks again becoming World Champions.

Steinlager Classic is a brand that strives on competition – it loves physical confrontation and will never back down no matter the size of the challenge.